Parish Phone 308.856.4375

Parish E-mail:







Rev. Alexander Borzych         Pastor

Rev. Mr. Bill O’Donnell            Deacon

Eileen Smith                                Parishes Secretary

Angie Kenney                             Religious Ed High School -Amherst

Annette Line                              Religious Ed Grade School – Amherst

Denise Ourada                           Adult Religious Ed – Elm Creek

Jennifer Gutzwiller                   Religious Ed – Elm Creek

Stacie Worthing                         Religious Ed – Elm Creek

Sue Kizer                                    Religious Ed – Overton



Saint John Capistran – Amherst

Pastoral Council

Mike Saathoff – President

Jeannette Taubenheim –Vice President

Jerome Loeffelholz – Secretary

Altar Society

Pam John – President

Linda Smedra – Vice President

Marlene Trampe – Secretary

Karen Saathoff – Treasurer

Melanie Klingelhoffer – Deanery Representative

Pam John – Co-Deanery Representative


Anita Loveless

Ginny Klingelhoefer


Terry Abbott

Pam John

Holy Rosary – Overton

Pastoral Council                                         

Terry Cook    – President

Layne Shafer – Vice President

(Vacant)           – Secretary

Altar Society

Sarah Scholz – Co-Chairwomen

Cathy Luther – Co-Chairwomen

Teresa Aten – Secretary / Treasurer


Cathy Luther – Scheduling

Denise Griffith


Doug Luther and Mike Scholz

Immaculate Conception – Elm Creek

Parish Council

(Vacant)        -President

Mike Meier – Vice President

James Geis – Secretary

Altar Society

Kristi Marshall – President

Sue Fear – Secretary

Anne Moats – Treasurer

Finance Committee

Brian Kaufman

John Worthing


John Clay Ourada (JC)

Brian Kaufman

Funeral Dinner

Connie Geis

Kristy Marshall

Jenny Meier


2 comments on “Staff

  1. Father – will the bulletin for this past week, October 18, be listed on this site? We were unable to attend in Amherst this weekend but would like a copy of the bulletin. Thank you.

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